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DiscoverLand, dreams next to the ground

Born in the fall of 2013 by Josep Maria Coll, an experienced traveler who has turned his passion into a profession, DiscoverLand is a company specialized in offering nature and cultural trips throughout Catalonia. But since your curiosity has no limits, DiscoverLand will be happy to accompany you on any adventure you dream of doing in the Iberian Peninsula. In fact, its range of activities covers several regular or tailor-made destinations in Spain and Portugal.

They are also passionate about the desert and its immense spaces and this leads them to offer destinations in Morocco, from the Atlas Mountains in the Great South and its oases surrounded by dunes where the traveler's imagination dances with joy.

Its proposals are designed to be enjoyed with family, friends or, simply, with other travelers who share similar concerns about getting to know the territory, whether for a single day, a weekend or several days. They can also be tailor-made, themed routes or special activities such as safety and mountain driving courses. The use of a 4x4 vehicle is the necessary instrument to make it possible and to be able to enjoy all of them.

DiscoverLand operates as a travel agency recognized by the Generalitat of Catalonia with license number GC-004640 and also as an organizer of active tourism activities in the natural environment and is included in the Census of the "Catalan Sports Council" with number C -407. Consequently and as a commitment to its clients, all its activities have the relevant authorizations from the Department of Environment of the Generalitat of Catalonia, and are covered with collective and individual travel insurance for the participants.

On the website you will find the details of all your travel proposals.

If you wish to contact us, you can do so by writing to the email or calling the mobile phone 629 65 14 93.

Registration Number in Tourism Register of Catalonia and Andorra: GC-004640 i C-407


Western Pyrenees with Family

DiscoverLand 4x4 La Vall de Bianya

249,50 €

Transpyrenean - Crossing of the Seas 5th edition

DiscoverLand 4x4 La Vall de Bianya

885 €

SUV route | Alta Garrotxa, Riberas del Alt Ter and Costabona

DiscoverLand 4x4 La Vall de Bianya

63 € 57 €


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