Centre d’Interpretació de la Bruixeria Sant Feliu Sasserra

Av. Catalunya, 1 planta superior Sant Feliu Sasserra

In Catalonia, with 400 women executed, witchcraft was perceived as a real threat and a serious threat to society. Between 1618 and 1648, in Sant Feliu Sasserra twenty-three women were processed, and at least six of them were executed in the Serrat de les Forques. The witch hunt was the fiercest attack ever committed against women.


  • Guided tour of the interpretation center where we know the popular witchcraft, protection systems to this phenomenon and other relevant concepts of the history of witchcraft.
  • An audiovisual presentation of about 17 minutes, where we will discover the process of trial, torture and forced through the story of a witch.
  • Tour of the village of Sant Feliu Sasserra knowing its history up to the Serrat de les Forques, where the history of witchcraft will be explained in Europe and were women who were hanged on the spot.


Visits arranged hours. Full visit lasts about 120 minutes.


  • Individual ticket € 5
  • Entry for groups from 10 people € 3
  • From 0 to 5 years free
  • Discount with youth card



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