Centre Astronòmic del Castell de Lladurs Lladurs

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Starry night at Lladurs Castle: observation of stars, constellations, planets and the moon.

Do you want to contemplate the starry sky from a unique place with more than 1,000 years of history like the castle of Lladurs?

  • Do you want to enjoy the spectacle of the stars?
  • Do you want to know the constellations and learn to orient yourself at night?
  • Have you ever seen the Moon, Saturn's rings or a nebula with a telescope?

The Lladurs Castle Astronomical Center has been promoted by the Lladurs Town Council ( Lleida ) in a medieval castle with more than 1,000 years of history. The observatory will allow all visitors to get closer to astronomy and enjoy stargazing from a point with very good conditions of night darkness.

The center has two telescopes. The first is a powerful astronomical telescope for observing the moon, planets, galaxies, and nebulae. The second is a specific telescope for safe observation of the Sun and allows observing sunspots, solar prominences and coronal mass ejections when they occur.

The Astronomical Center is managed by Astrosolsonès and is already programming activities related to astronomy and astrophotography. The main activity is the Starry Night at Lladurs Castle and consists of a brief introduction to astronomy in the multimedia room, recognition of stars, planets and constellations with the help of a powerful laser and stargazing with a telescope in the castle tower. We will start the activity in the multimedia room and we will end up going up the tower to admire a magnificent sky full of stars and observe through the telescope.

  • Start of activity: approximately one hour after sunset. Between 6:30 p.m. and 10:15 p.m.
  • Duration of the activity: 2 hours
  • Prices: To consult

New activities such as Supermoon Night, Perseid Night, and Premium Star Night are also in the works. If you are interested, consult the contact email.

Contact and reservations

  • If the activity is scheduled, you can purchase tickets at entradessolsones.com
  • For clarifications or to request an unscheduled date: 607 22 59 44 or by mail to:
  • Contact for exclusive sessions and in English to arrange. Special prices for groups or families in exclusive session.

How to access

Google Maps and navigators do not find the right path and would send you down the wrong and bad road. The following instructions must be followed:

From Solsona you have to take the old road from Solsona to Sant Llorenç de Morunys (LV-4241). Once we pass the Lladurs springs (on our left), they begin a steep climb with curves. When the ascent ends, we must look at the first paved detour on the right. The sign indicates Caballal. If we pass it we will see kilometer point 10.

The road makes a very sharp turn and soon becomes a dirt road. We follow the path that makes some gentle curves and when we have covered approximately 700 meters of the path we find a curve to the left and in front of it a cattle fence with two flexible rods.

If we pass it we will find some iron beams crossed on the floor, then we must go back. We slow down, turn off the main road onto the dirt road and slowly cross the fence in front of us. We follow a more rustic dirt track that borders a long field on our left. After about 600 meters of the path, it ends and we will find an esplanade where we can park.

This will be the meeting point where I will come to look for you. If we don't meet, you can call me on the mobile indicated above.


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