Celler L'Olivera, Masia Can Calopa de Dalt Barcelona

Carretera BV-1468, Km4, 8 Barcelona
Contact visitescancalopa@olivera.org

A farmhouse, recovered vineyards, a small winery, a social integration project for young people with mental disabilities, who live and learn the trade of vintners. The farmhouse of Can Calopa de Dalt dates from the 16th century and is located in the municipality of Barcelona, in the Sierra de Collserola. Its architecture retains the trace, essence and charm of simple life in the vineyard and in the countryside. In the middle of forests and surrounded by vineyards in corros, it descends to the forests that go back in a silhouette crowned by the Tibidabo, unusual, seen from a new dimension, just the vision of the other side of the mountain. A playful vision of the skyline of Barcelona, which by magic and as if it were a dream, has allowed us to see it and enjoy it from another dimension and unknown perspective. Maybe it's because of the farmhouse's chimney, the landscape, maybe because of the big boat, the stone sink and the delicate tiles of the kitchen counter, the direct door in the forest or the tranquility of the viewpoint. But time stops and the feeling is of peace.

The winery and the vineyard

Discover the vineyards and the winery where the wines of Barcelona come from. Located in the farmhouse of Can Calopa de Dalt, dating from the sixteenth century, offers an environment and unbeatable views to learn about the social project that drives and the process of winemaking. Duration: 60 min. / Minimum: 4 people, groups: from 10 people special discounts, free children.

Breakfast at the farmhouse of Can Calopa de Dalt

Immerse yourself in the landscape of the Sierra de Collserola and let time stand still. Meet all the facilities of the Can Calopa de Dalt farmhouse and its surroundings of vineyards and forest. A peri-urban environment to enjoy and relax. And the experience ends with a breakfast in the old kitchen, which retains all the details that make it unique. The fireplace that could warm the whole family or the tiles of the time will transport you to other times, which will make you enjoy products of proximity married to our wines. Duration: 90 min. / Minimum: 8 people / Groups: from 10 people special discounts.

Live the farmhouse: Full appetizer and discovery

Enjoy a full meal in the historic kitchen of the Masía. Let your walls, tiles and stones tell you about history, its history and ours. Make a discovery to the project that today gives life to the farmhouse and in its warehouse. Get to know first hand the social and cooperative project that hides behind the vineyards and wines of Barcelona. Take the opportunity to stop and live this experience. Duration: 180 minutes / Minimum: 8 people - Groups: from 10 people special discounts.

Olive wines, Dalmases chocolates, a unique pairing

This unique pairing, not only combines the magnificent chocolates of Casa Dalmases and the wines of La Olivera, but also unites two social entities. Duration: 60 minutes / Minimum: 5 people, groups: from 10 people special discounts


From Friday to Sunday from 10am to 5pm.


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