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Mas d'Aravó was designed and built 120 years ago by the family of Antonio Jaumandreu y Cabello from the city of Barcelona who, after getting rich from transatlantic export businesses with North America and playing on the stock market, decided to set up a residential house on the Cerdanya for health reasons. Thus, at the end of the 19th century towards the 20th, they began to condition all the meadows on the Segre side in order to spend the summer walking and enjoying the nature of La Cerdanya.

In addition, the gentleman was a great fan of saddle horses, of playing polo and even the old stagecoach from the pass had a stop at the Mas. Mr. Cabello began to build very different buildings for livestock (horses, pigeons, cows...) in all of the buildings that he numbered. It was a difficult job because he had to prepare groves next to the river and pave the ground for the future green meadows of Mas d'Aravó. The first building that served both for cattle and for storing summer grass for the long winters is what that we have rehabilitated as rural tourism masovería.

Later the dovecote and other barns would come to finish off the residential house, mainly for the month of August. A summer house in a Cerdanya that was proud to host the writer Narcís Oller, the poet Joan Maragall or the musician Albéniz to name just a few of those great men of Catalan society at the end of the century.

When the owner died, whose family was unable to support him for only one month a year, they decided to sell that property to the Meya family. Mas d'Aravó had to gradually adapt to the difficult circumstances of such a turbulent century and began to function as a farmhouse like the rest of the farmhouses in the region.


After a process of rehabilitation of one of the barns of Mas d'Aravó, three apartments have emerged under a roof made of wood with beams that imitate the original ones, preserving the old portholes to make the bathroom windows, the color of lime on the wall, the stone, the sinks and the water pump, combining it with avant-garde elements from the northern part. On September 24, 2010 we started the rental of two duplex apartments (called La Prada and Guillot) (capacity for 5 people) very comfortable and fully furnished. The dishwasher, dryer, washing machine, oven, the microwave, the refrigerator, the ceramic hob, TV, fireplace and in the double room or suite there is a thermostatic column to relax a bit and in the other rooms (one double and one single) there is a small desk. The two apartments are fully equipped (kitchen utensils, sheets, towels). The third apartment (called La Feixa) inaugurated on April 19, 2011 (capacity for 5 people) is adapted for people with physical mobility problems to seek maximum functionality.

Colones House

They have rehabilitated the Casa del Masover de Mas d'Aravó and you will be able to enjoy an 8-bed duplex with 4 bedrooms (2 double and 2 double) and three complete bathrooms. A kitchen open to the dining room. They will prepare a breakfast with local products.

la prada

This rural apartment is designed for a family of 5/6 people, as it has 3 double rooms. It is a very cozy and comfortable duplex with three double bedrooms, two complete bathrooms and a small toilet.


A fully equipped duplex apartment for a family of 5 or 6 people. Three rooms (1 double, 1 double and one single). Two full bathrooms and a small toilet.

the feixa

Ground floor apartment (direct access to the terrace) adapted for people with physical mobility problems. Ideal for couples who wish to enjoy a quiet and romantic stay. Three bedrooms (2 doubles and one single) 2 full bathrooms.


Our intention is that you can enjoy some endearing days in our region and encourage you to return. We will offer you a welcome basket -upon request- consisting of wood-fired bread (from the Bolvir oven), ripe tomatoes, eggs from our chickens and sausages from La Cerdanya (It costs €40). You will also find a couple of restaurants within 7 minutes by car from the property.

A way to enjoy our idyllic surroundings with our garden and nature, on days with good weather, our barbecue that will allow you to cook grilled meat with the best high-quality poultry, pork, lamb and veal in our region.

It goes without saying that you can park right next to the apartments in a space specially set up for our clients, as well as a private garden leisure area or a play area.

We will also provide you with information on sporting, cultural and gastronomic events in our region with the possibility of helping you hire any external service (passes, segways, reservations for different restaurants, maps of different routes on foot, mountain biking, horseback riding… and / or any proposal that you want to make us). Remember that very close to our house we can find different golf courses, the Cerdanya and La Seu d'Urgell airfields, ski slopes, the La Molina sports theme park among many other proposals.

You can also visit our farm -prior notice- to see what life is like in the farmhouse in terms of the exploitation of cows, calves and chickens.

Regarding the care of our environment, you should know that we do selective garbage collection and use solar panels to heat the water in the three apartments. We must clarify that we will provide firewood for internal consumption but at the same time we offer the possibility of selling firewood from our meadows for anyone interested.

We do not allow pets in order to guarantee the rest and tranquility of the rest of the clients of the other three apartments.

Registration Number in Tourism Register of Catalonia and Andorra: PG-001239

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