Offer for groups up to 35 people in the Alt Empordà

Can Gat Vell
Saus, Camallera i Llampaies
Deal: 2590.00 € 2461.00 €

For groups of 35 people, we offer the Large Farmhouse and the Small Farmhouse, with 14 rooms and 12 bathrooms. It will have a large living room, kitchen with fireplace and barbecue to be all together.

You can also enjoy gardens, swimming pools, a games room for children, a football and basketball area, ping pong, a hen house with chickens and rabbits.

We are 17 km from the Costa Brava (L'Escala) and between Girona (23 km), Figueres (21 km) and Banyoles (26 km), in a small town called Llampaies.

Minimum stay of 2 nights, not valid for bridges or specific days (San Juan etc.)


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