Bank of Thaqar Room Escape, Missionleak Cornellà de Llobregat

In this exciting Room Escape you will put yourself in the skin of a robber.

In these days the prime minister of the Republic of Thaqar is in our city . He has brought the greatest treasure of his country, the jewel called " The Flower of Thaqar". He has deposited it in a bank branch of his country, the BANK OF THAQAR and this is where it comes into play, this is the challenge. If you like challenges and wish to spend sixty minutes very funny, this is your activity.

You only need to gather a group of 2 to 10 adventurers. And be willing to use the ingenuity and skill to overcome the challenge: nothing less than to rob a bank and get away with the loot. You must be very careful. It is not only about being able to find the jewel but about being able to leave the bank before the police or the security measures detect your presence.

This adventure can only end in two ways, with the goal accomplished and celebrated in the Caribbean or handcuffed and behind bars. Let's see to which group you belong. Only the bold and the brave will check it out.

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