Associació Coordinadora de Pessebres Vivents de Catalunya Pals

Carrer de la Font, 18 Pals

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Feeders Association Coordinator of Catalonia Living is a nonprofit cultural association, consisting of the voluntary integration of any entity to organize a Living Nativity Scene. As the president of the coordinator, Jordi Filella, part of the association means "place of small villages and medieval natural environments in the Catalan cultural map, boost the economy of the area open to the public".

The ACPVC aims, since 1991, coordination and promotion of representations of living nativity scenes and carries out activities to promote awareness of the living mangers and / or the relationship between them.

Currently the association consists of 43 stalls, which are Amer, Bàscara, Breda, Brunyola, Canyelles, Castillo de Aro, Corro D'Avall, Fontcoberta, Jesus, Juanetas, Espluga of Francoli, La Pobla de Lillet, La Pobla de Montornès, La Torreta, Las Gunyoles of Avinyolet, Torres de Fals, Linyola, Manresa, Martorelles, Mas de Castellón, Navata, Pals, Peralada, Peramola, Polinyà, Prats de Rei, Premia de Dalt, Prullans de Cerdanya, Rupit-Pruit, Santa Pau Sant Adria de Besos, Sant Feliu de Llobregat, Sant Feliu de Sasserra, Sant Feliu del Raco, Sant Fost de Campsentelles, Sant Guim de la Plana, Sant Quinti de Mediona, Santpedor, Sant Pere de Ribes, Sudanell, Tona, Tossa, Valls and Viladecans.

Some with as old as the Association of Castell d'Aro, which started its live nativity scene in 1959, and Sant Fost de Campsentelles, in 1967 representations.

In the vast majority of people living nativity scenes are a set of scenes ranging from the most limited of three scenes to the most complex, they can count up to 30 scenes of Jesus' birth. Everything accompanied by a number of volunteers, in their neighbors majority of the people who surrounds himself with background music and dialogues, although some of them are static.

The most represented are recreations, birth, the visit of the three Wise Men or the flight into Egypt. While in some populations the staging are internal, in others the Living Nativity becomes the main event of the celebrations, and scenes take place outdoors and in natural and artquitectònic interest spaces: like the medieval quarters, natural spaces, ancient castles, etc, which gives an even more realistic setting and making joy among all visitors.

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