Sea Bath

Ànima de Natura
Deal: 45.00 € 25.00 €


Deep spiritual experience where through an immersion in the sea we will improve our well-being by listening to the silence of the sea, the heartbeat of life and connecting with the origin of life that you are with holistic exercises adapted to the public in the water.

A dive is made to be able to be without touching land in the water. Once the group is in the water and in suspension, emotional and spiritual exercises are carried out where we feel, hold or touch with the fingertips among the participants, feeling the energy of the group and the joy of the moment. Later we learn to listen to the sea and our own heart, in a group and little by little the two beats are balanced in one, and in a group... later we do the dummy, in a circle, with our heads inside, and simply playing with the tips of the fingers and in a circle. At this time, a visualization of the Sky - Water connection is performed while the participants look at the sky and touch the water. Later in pairs, we look at each other in the water, submerging and looking at each other, balancing the three beats (me, you and the sea),... and once done in pairs, we do it in a group... looking at everything, and realize that WE ARE U, and that we come from the sea,... We close our eyes breathing through the tube, with the mask and into the water... It is a relaxing activity, to experiment and bring out emotions, and at the same time learn- to manage and balance with oneself, with the other and the environment. And yet it is still an experience of love towards the Sea, from where life is born, the ecosystem from which we come and that has given us life, and that unconsciously our cells carry it impregnated in their DNA, so we connect to them with him - the sea - and we convert NATURA.


There are two different modalities, adapted to the age of the participants according to the age set by each one: Junior (From 18 to 49 years old), and Senior (From 50 to 90 years old).

Participants in the junior modality are also asked to know how to swim and maintain stability in the water. Otherwise, sea bathing with the senior mode is recommended.

Consult and more information in the link of the offer. In case of doubts, contact Ànima de Natura, organizer of the event.




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